Here are the top 3 reasons why people call us for their car insurance quote!

① You speak to a real, local person.

You are a unique individual. Don't settle for an automated, cookie-cutter online car insurance policy.

② You get custom coverage.

Your independent agent will help you to determine which insurance coverage features are important for your lifestyle.

③ You get the best prices.

Since our agents are independent, they can pick the most cost-effective car insurance provider for your specific needs.


Most of us normal people don't know much about car insurance other than we have to have it. We don't have the time to research such a boring topic.

Luckily for us, car insurance agents love the topic and know it best! Even better, Independent agents can sell policies from a variety of insurance companies. This means that you will get both the best policy and the best company for your needs.

The most underrated benefit of having an independent car insurance agent is that you have a partner who will advocate for you. If you file a claim, your insurance company will try to pay you as little as possible. With your agent's partnership, you have an industry expert on your side. Your agent will help you get every penny that you're entitled to when you file your claim!


Vehicle insurance can be a complicated topic. The video below helps to explain the various terms and definitions that you will need to know to understand your quote. This video is helpful but the best way to navigate the auto insurance industry is by contacting an independent agent.

Here are a couple of common terms defined:

Term Definition
Lien Holder The lien holder (sometimes known as a "loss payee") is an entity, usually a bank, that has a financial interest in the vehicle.
Deductible A deductible is the part of your claim that the person who owns the policy has to pay before the insurance company pays. Higher deductibles lower the cost of your insurance coverage.
Collision Coverage This type of coverage is optional. It covers damage done to your car from colliding with another object. The object is not covered.
Automobile Liability Insurance This type of coverage helps you in case you are responsible for bodily injury and/or damage to property from a car accident.
Lapse The termination of a policy due to non-payment of premiums.
Premium The amount paid by a policy-holder to an insurance company in order to obtain or maintain an insurance policy.
Underwriting The process that is used to decide whether or not an application for a policy is accepted. The person following this process is known as an underwriter.

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