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Paul Gallipeau founded Rochester Car Insurance Quotes in 2017 because he wanted to help connect local independent car insurance agents with customers here in Rochester, NY.

Independent insurance agencies are great partners for car insurance shoppers because an independent agent has the flexibility to work with a variety of insurance companies in order to find customers the best combination of coverage and price.

Working with an independent insurance agency also gives you the comfort of knowing that your agent will be an advocate for you if you have to file a claim. Insurance companies want to minimize their claims and claim payments but your independent agent will be able to support you and help you to get everything that you're entitlted to.

We recommend contacting an insurance agent to get your free customized car insurance quote because there are many personal factors that should not be overlooked such as your personal relationships, residents, current financial situation, and other factors.

About Our Owner

Paul Gallipeau is a Rochester, NY native that enjoys reading, writing, learning, playing basketball, and longboarding. He is not a registered car insurance agent himself but he has partnered with the best local independent car insurance agents.

A photo of Paul Gallipeau, owner of Rochester Car Insurance Quotes
Paul Gallipeau, owner of Rochester Car Insurance Quotes

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